best way to spend a monday

Disney was opened until 11pm last night (on a Monday!), so we took a chance that it wouldn't be outrageously crowded (even though it was a holiday) and headed out. My niece joined girl1 and boy2 for the adventure. Turned out to be a good gamble....more people than a normal Monday but nothing like a weekend.

The parks are decked out for Halloween and it's almost like having a real fall ....we don't get those in southern california. the colors, the gingerbread smell in the haunted mansion, the "nightmare before christmas" theme, and being there at night with an almost full moon was pretty much perfect.

the theme last night became "tourist pics" so here you go:


  1. I love your cheesy asian smile. it makes me giggle like a little girl!

  2. Well thank you! I'm glad you appreciate my style. I said that like a southern belle just so's ya know. Those earings btw, were like 12000$ or some such nonsense. Don't you just lurve seeing all those Zeros? yeah. me too...!

  3. it must be great to be so close that you can go whenever you want. Love the mickeys made with pumpkins