CPR music

Turns out the 1977 disco hit "Stayin' Alive" has 103 beats per minute, a perfect number to maintain — and retain — the best rhythm for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR.
A small study by University of Illinois College of Medicine researchers in Peoria has found that 10 doctors and five medical students who listened to the "Saturday Night Fever" tune while practicing CPR not only performed perfectly, they remembered the technique five weeks later. A nudge from a song like “Stayin’ Alive” appears to help ensure that pace.

Other songs also have the right beat. One is “Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen.

can't you just picture someone giving CPR and singing "another one bites the dust" under their breath? i wonder what kind of out-of-body experience that would be for the victim? and the other by-standers?......horrors of horrors..... but it's a much cooler song than "stayin' alive".....and can you really sing "stayin' alive" without doing stupid disco moves? that would make the chest compressions a little more difficult...... i think we need some more song choices here.

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