replenishing my vitamin D

this morning i decided to walk to the bank. it's a good walk -- about 3 miles round trip. i haven't done it in awhile because it's just been too hot. today it was about 70 so off i went.

about half way up the hill, i thought "i should have brought my camera and then i could do a photo blog." but i was half up the killer hill, so you'll have to wait to see pics of my neighborhood. i did remember my ipod so i rocked out to David Phelps and "jekyll and hyde."

it was a beautiful walk....sun shining, soft breeze, cars whizzing into the bike lane (which is where i have to walk because there are no sidewalks), landscapers blowing the gutters (cough, cough, eyes watering), the blister forming on my right heel, and all the stupid bees (what is it with the bees right now?) oh wait...beautiful walk....okay.....sunny, breeze, music, alone time...good stuff =D

just so you know, i totally stepped on every bee I saw. it must have been too cold for them to fly because they were all over the street. maybe they were already dead, but i wasn't taking any chances (stomp! stomp! take that you stupid bee! tell your relative hello for me) usually i let bees alone. i'm a gardener and understand the importance of pollination, but today....die, little bee, die.....

it really was a great walk and somehow gave me sooo much energy. when i got home, i finished cleaning the house, decorated the tree (pictures tomorrow --- that'll bring ya'll back), swept the back patio, and worked on my brother's Christmas presents.

oh! and i opened all the windows and rocked the Christmas music ALL day! woohoo!

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  1. I was going to cuss you out about the non-functioning comment form here... but uh... turns out my keyboard batteries were dead.
    I could most def use some bee-stomping sunshine time.