when lists fail

i forgot that i have tickets to see "Phantom of the Opera" tonight. can you believe it?! me? forgetting about musical theatre tickets?

and i made some pretty detailed lists of things to get accomplished before leaving on Thursday. somehow I completely left off a trip to LA tonight. i guess you have to actually put everything on the list in order for the whole making lists thing to be helpful.

i was just casually working my way through the drudgery (bills, grooming Guido, dishes, laundry, etc) and just figuring i would throw the hair back with a headband and spend the day in sweats, when i remembered. CRAP! now i have to actually DO my hair AND find something to wear.

i never forget shows....i LIVE to go to the theater......and it's PHANTOM.....wow.....

i'm claiming vacationitis.

so i'm off to get ready and find something nice that isn't tagged for the trip.

and feel free to leave a movie quote on yesterday's blog while i'm gone......the youngsters over on facebook really kicked the blogland buddies' butts. they came up with some random stuff.


  1. Enjoy the Phantom, it was a nice musical indeed.

  2. I guess that one guy who starred in that one play wasn't in this play. Huh?