don't mess with me....

so i have a puppy. you all know this. His name is Guido and he's an adorable pain in the butt. Guido has developed an awful habit of running out the door and biting our guests and then running back inside to his bed. He then made the mistake of biting me....twice!....stupid dog.

I won't keep a dog that bites....but I will spend alot of time and effort to break him of the habit. Everyone suggested getting him "fixed" because that's suppose to stop aggressive behavior. So Monday morning, Guido went to the vet. Poor Guido. And the surgery didn't go well, so he had to spend the night. And then he wouldn't eat, so they wouldn't give him any pain medication. Poor, poor Guido.

I brought him home and got him to eat and gave him his meds, but he is so melancholy. poor Guido. He has to wear one of those satellite dish collars for 2 weeks. He keeps bumping into things and scaring himself. It took him all afternoon to figure out how to drink out of his water dish. Then he tripped jumping out of his bed and you just knew he hurt himself, because he turned around and got right back in bed.

He's more active this morning, but the vet said to keep him confined for 2 weeks. Do any of you have small dogs? Do you know how hard is to keep them confined? They want to run and play all day long.

I also have 2 sons. They are very sympathetic towards Guido. Boy2 checked out the stitches and exclaimed "you shouldn't mess with mom, stupid dog." Boy2 is being very obedient today.


  1. Hee hee. It never hurts to have a poster child for 'pissing off momma' around the house.

  2. Tell the boys that's the lesson of the week!! Don't mess with Mom!!LOL Good job Guido.. but aren't they just pathetic when they've had surgery or something? Just makes you want to laugh yourself silly, or pick em up and love on them!!LOL Good luck..

  3. I have two Chihuahua's and had them fixed a few months back. I wouldn't let them run but gee no way was I keeping them calm. Impossible. Luckily mine had tubes rather than cones which made some of the things you spoke of easier. Hope he feels better soon and gets over the nipping.

  4. What a great "visual" for your boys.

    I'd play that one out as long as I could.

  5. Poor Guido! And you have a very smart kid!

  6. I found your blog on Maugeriteville and I'm glad I did. Your posts are really enjoyable. Your dog is so cute. Poor Guido.