does anyone have any extra brain cells i can borrow?

my brain has left the building and the desk is buried under a stack of financial aid forms that boy1 needs help with, so here are a couple of shots from yesterday's visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. Enjoy them while I try to get some brain function back. =D

I guess the flower of the season at Disneyland is yellow tulips.
Flowerbeds were bursting at the seams with them....absolutely gorgeous!

minor Gas:

MAJOR gas:


  1. No extra cells here, but if you get some, would ya share? (I see you have plenty of gas, so at least that's taken care of.) :)

    PS My kids don't ask me to do those complicated forms anymore because I quit doing math in 4th grade.

  2. I miss living so close to the happiest place. I grew up in So-Cal. Much of my fam still lives there, which makes it nice and easy to visit.