from my tired, sleep-deprived brain

done sitting at the theater selling photos while listening to "The Sound of Music" being sung slightly off key. orders were good and the company wants us to do their next production also, so it was well worth squeezing this job into our schedule.

It is gorgeous here in the SoCal this morning, so I spent the morning in the garden. Veggies are in the ground and seeds have been planted.

Boy2 was alone all weekend and I think he missed his family (not that he would admit it). He has been a crazy silly mood today. Currently, he is ranting about the fact that I bought "shells and cheese" instead of "mac and cheese." (they were on sale) "They taste different" "the cool kids get mac and cheese" "i feel unloved cuz" and on and on and on......

have you seen the commercials for online*booty* the answer to online dating sites because you'll never meet your soulmate online so let's just be real about what singles want?

here are their booty call commandments:

oh! and before i forget....if you get the name mixed up and go to Booty*call*online.... well, just don't get the name mixed up... nuff said.

and we didn't win the snuggie from kristina but we're trying to move on with our lives. she was sweet enough to let us know that they are available at walgreens but that's not as much fun as winning one. *le sigh*

off to try to catch up on the happenings in blogland....have a good one!


  1. Love the Booty Call Commandments. So practical.

  2. Mac & Cheese is something I am not allowed to mess with - EVER! It must be the K-brand and only in the regular form.
    Actually, I have to agree.

  3. Life's always interesting in this section of Blogland! :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your Snuggie loss...(sniffle sniffle..)

    My son would freak if I ever made him eat Shells and Cheese instead of Mac and Cheese...I feel your pain!

  5. did i mention that boy2 is 17? lol

    i really had no idea that the shape of the pasta was such a big deal. live and learn.