there will be pictures...

.....just not today. i have been snapping away during all the chaos and will be posting a photo blog as soon as the rooms are put back together. which won't happen for at least another 7 days. why 7 more days? especially since the floors are grouted, walls are painted, trim is installed and painted, and overspray has been removed. because we had to order the mattress and it won't be delivered until next wednesday. 7 more days in the trailer.

in the world outside the construction zone:
from 103 to 72 in just 3 days......gotta love SoCal. no complaints here. i was sooooo not ready for triple digits and my seedlings were really struggling.

american idol: anyone else completely addicted to this season? i seriously tune in to hear Adam Lambert. i just wish that Paula would sit down and shut up. Her cheering and yelling "that's the way!" while Anoop was singing really bugged me. But everything about her really bugs me.

twitter: i didn't like it when i first started playing with it, but it grows on you. my niece tweets all day long. i can't imagine how she gets anything accomplished. my daughter tweets while doing homework, so we can all share in her pain. there are folks who tweet "quotes of 140 characteres or less" his quotes are all about dogs. and, of course, there's Ashton Kutcher who is pretty much a freak who appears to really enjoy life. it's kind of fun to get a peek into his life.

that's about it.....i'm off to shop...we managed to come in under budget on the room by doing all the painting and prep work ourselves, so I can have some fun with lighitng and window coverings. woohoo!


  1. I still hate Twitter. I feel like I've overdosed on the Internet.

    And it was 74 here yesterday. Perfect.

  2. I won't tweet because I already spend WAY too much time on the net. I would never get anything accomplished besides leaving random lines for people to read.

    Can't wait to see your pics.

  3. Hi Jill!

    I'm really into Idol this season, and I completely share your opinion on Paula Abdul. I say they keep Kara and ditch Paula, because she's just annoying. "That's who you are," "Make it your own," okay, we get it. Adam has to win, although it'd probably be better for his career if he didn't. He could be Daughtry rather than David "They're Turning Me Into Neil Diamond" Cook.

    I'm tempted to jump on the Twitter wagon, but I'm spending way to much time with my blog as it is. Last thing I need is one more distraction.

    Take care!

  4. Scared of adding another social networking habit. Blogging takes up lots of time, but there are great communities out there. Not so sure about others.

  5. I haven't attempted Twitter, but I did set up the account and have followers! lol! I have made one tweet!

    Paula is driving me crazy too this year! UGH!

    Can't wait to see your photos!