one thing i won't do

We were at disneyland and california adventure yesterday to celebrate girl1's 21st birthday.  (wow...engagement on thursday and turning 21 on sunday.   she's had a FANTASTIC week)   anyways....i love, love, LOVE pretty much everything about disney except for this ride: looks all innocent in that pic but then this happens:

those stupid swinging gondolas freak me out.  not just a "oohh, that's a strange sensation" type freak out.  a total "omg!!! i'm going to cry" type freak out.  so i sat and took pics while the family rode it. 

I do, however, get a kick out of Tower of Terror......

go figure...


  1. Yeah, those things freak me out too. Especially the ones that also spin!

  2. Wow, they opened it again. I was at Calif. Adv. a few months ago and the ferris wheel was shut down. Tower of Terror is awesome, though.

  3. I am a big baby when it comes to rides like that! lol! You are my hero! I've heard that the Tower of Terror is really fun though!

  4. Oh Jill, I'm with you. I HATE those swinging gondolas--I fear for my life on them!