curiouser and curiouser....

I typed "lsd trip pictures" in the search box and this is what came up?

Sunday morning felt like drug-induced trip but without the drugs.   first, i was accused of leading children astray and told that vengance is the Lord's.  (the "children" are 18 and 19 and i have not given either of them any type of counsel) not even going to go into that whole drama.

immediately followed by some creepy guy who felt the need to share a dream he had the night before....that involved me....and was icky.  

and then my friend of many years kept butting into conversations that didn't involve her, but her emotional tank must be empty cuz she demanded all the was like high school all over again.  she corrected everything I said and kept changing the subject to things she wanted to talk about.   you all know those people.....right?  completely annoying?  so not like one point i wondered if she had had a stroke...

and as i was trying to make my escape, a young man told me that he was hoping his wife was having an affair so he would have a reason to divorce her and that led to a very long conversation about marriage....

strange, random, "alice in wonderland" morning.....

go yankees!


  1. Go YANKEES?!? Oh, my. You MUST be trippin'.

  2. Ok I was with up til the Go Yankees comment. ewww! That is a nightmare all its own! =0D May your today be better!! And may the Phillies win! HEEHEHEEE!!

  3. wow...

    So fun day right?

    (my favourite part of that picture is the red wart/zit/boil in the middle of it's head)

  4. I'm with you completely on the Yankees thing! One more win!