silliness at the happiest place on earth

back at disneyland on saturday to hang out with the sister-in-laws and great (grand?) niece.

the youngster wanted to do jumping pics. 
well, actually she wanted to take pictures of her old aunts doing jumping pictures.

at first the timing and framing were off.

then we discovered that one of the aunts is jumping challenged.

turning the other way and pretending to be superman didn't help.

this is actually 4 or 5 attempts later.
I was getting tired of jumping
but notice that this old lady is keeping up with the 13 year


  1. Wow! You were getting some sky! Not bad at all!

  2. Haha. Next time we are there, I'll take jumping pictures and post it. Don't you love the soapy snowflakes there this time of year?!

  3. Looks like lots of fun and exercise! Not for this old grandma though! LOL!

  4. @parsley....please do! jumping pics are a great bonding experience....