loving the Christmas music

As I'm sitting here pretending like I'm actually working on invoices and rocking out to the Rat Pack Christmas cd, I started wondering if there are other Christmas cd's that I should have in my collection.  I'd hate to miss out on great music.   So, dear bloggy friends, what is your favorite, "can't wait until December to listen to it" album/cd/download?  

Don't be shy....even if it's "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and Other Obscure Songs of the Season"...we won't judge...

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  1. well I already told you about Sting's new album, but I am also really loving Making Merry which is a Starbucks cd, and other than the fact that Willie Nelson has no business singing with Norah Jones, it is very good. Also another one of my favourite artists, KT Tunstall, put out a short 6 song album last year. I tink itunes may have might have it for download. The Song Fairytale of New York is my fave. And anything by Manhiem Steamroller. Christmas music is my favourite. I'd listen to it all year if I could.