Storm Watch...again

Yep...we're on "Storm Watch" this week.   But this time we're actually seeing storms--usually it's 1/4" of rain and the weathermen freak out.   So far my favorite line has been "flooding was reported after the roof collapsed because of the rain."  

I've decided to raise the price of wood on rainy days.   We've known the rain was coming for several days....don't make me get wet because you couldn't plan ahead.   So now the sign reads "$20/wheelbarrow -- $25 when raining or after sunset"

And I'm seeing "Riverdance" in LA tonight.  Leaving an hour earlier than normal,  because Southern Californians can't drive in the rain.

Cruise in 5 days....


  1. "Storm Watch" in So Cal cracks me up. It rains for an hour, and it's "Storm Watch". This is the most candy-ass state in the country.

  2. we did sit under a tornado watch for awhile this afternoon....and my garage is underwater. i'll count this one as a valid storm.