and now I can relax

This has been me for pretty much the last week.  I always think I've almost got all the paperwork done but, as the tax appointment gets closer, it seems like the tasks just keep multiplying.  When I hit total this year, many of the entries on the spreadsheet duplicated themselves.   I hit "undo" with the Pollyanna hopes that they would unduplicate but no such luck.   I spent hours line deleting expenses....14 pages of them...hope I caught them all.

But now all the returns are done and I'm happy to report that all the family members are receiving money back.  We consider it a success as long as we don't have to write a check.

Good news....our return is larger than last year's.   Bad news...our income was half of last year's.    No wonder it's been hard to make the budget work.

hey! you finally filed your tax returns....what are you going to do now?     "I'm going to Disneyland!!!!"

see you later!

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  1. Well, of course you're going to Disneyland!
    I'm so happy to come visit and see the beautiful tulip photo....ahhh, spring! We have no flowers here yet- it's only beginning to get warm enough, but I know they are waiting any moment to pop up. Can't wait! Enjoy Disneyland!