back to high school

"Cute cheerleader-types to the front of the line!"

"anyone slightly overweight or not wearing a mini skirt to the second waiting area!"

"parents!   you'll be allowed in as space permits"

Maybe those weren't the exact words spoken but they might as well have been.   We went to see a taping of So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday.    We had been given a dress code (which we followed), informed that placement in the audience was not dependent on your place in line and that they would try to get everyone into the taping.

What they forgot to tell us is to be prepared to be sorted according to appearance and how short your dress was.   As we walked past the waiting areas, we noticed there were two.   The first one was practically empty so we were hopeful that we would be able to see the show.   After getting past security, we were stopped by an usher.   "sit right here on this bench" (in the second waiting area; right behind the senior citizen group)

We then got to watch the rest of the line be sorted into "winners" and "losers" was horrid and just like high school all over again.  

We did get into the taping and enjoyed ourselves greatly.   Girl1 played ninja and worked her way all the way to the second time she'll just save herself the headache and wear a mini skirt.

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  1. Ugh. That's just hideous. Sorting out the audience? Ugh.