day 6

After visiting with our friends in Arkansas, we headed for Nashville.   Someone *cough cough* decided
we should visit Graceland.   I enjoy listening to Elvis' music and I understand that people pretty much worship him, but he's been gone a long time.   I wasn't really prepared for the lady in red.

I noticed her when we were waiting for the buses and told hubby1 that I hoped we weren't in her group.  We weren't but it didn't matter.   She wasn't capable for following the tour in the order presented, so we kept running into her.

Here she is checking out a display case.  Please notice that no one else can get near the case.   She was there almost 5 minutes....and while that may not seem like a long time, it was enough to back up the tours so they had to stop letting people in the building.

She then proceeded to sing parts of every song that Elvis earned a gold or platinum record.  

"he looks like an ANGEL!"

And, for those who follow me on twitter and facebook, guess who was sobbing at Elvis' grave?

I wasn't really impressed by the tour.  It was interesting but not worth the price, but we were entertained.


  1. That lady in red looks like my mother in law! lol! At least you had some free entertainment with the tour!

    (awesome Halloween giveaway on my blog!)

  2. I've never been a big fan of Elvis. A tour like that would creep me out totally, not because of him but because of the people (like her) on it.