Oh SoCal....make up your stupid mind

Monday it was 113 in downtown Los Angeles....hottest day there EVER.   We hovered around the same temperature.

Yesterday morning the sky looked like this:

No rain for my side of town but it did rain 2 miles away.  Temps stayed in the 80s for the most part.

Last night the sky looked like this:
(straight out of the camera...no editing, enhancing, tweaking, etc)

Today is blue skies with big, white, puffy, toy story clouds.  Windows are open, coolish breezes blowing...quite pleasant.   I might actually believe it's fall.


  1. That is one angry sky in the first pic. I got a little chill down my spine just looking at it.

    The color of the sky in the following photo is eerily beautiful. Isn't it amazing how the sky seems to take on new life following severe weather? Nature is incredible.

  2. Yeah! What the heck is with our weather? Got a little sprinkle this morning but just enough to mess up my windshield.

    I'm sooo ready for what we call winter.
    I really like your site.