More Adventures in Car Land

I can't believe I thought I was actually finished with Volkswagen when they repurchased my defective Jetta.    Here's the latest in the seemingly neverending saga.

We signed the settlement papers on August 4.  VW took ownership of the car on August 16.  Our August payment was due on August 14....we were assured this would not be a problem, since the payment was included in the amount that VW agreed to pay.

Last week, I received my first late payment notice.  I called VW Credit and explained the situation.  I also mailed them a copy of the signed settlement papers.    Yesterday, I received another request for payment, so I decided to dedicate this morning to getting this resolved.

I called VW Credit and was told they needed payment and a notification from VW.  They transferred me to VW.   VW told me that they can't speak with me because there was an attorney involved and transferred me to an arbitrator.  The arbitrator is on vacation. 

I called VW Credit again and explained the situation...was put on hold.  He discovered that an arbitrator can't help because we aren't in arbitration.  He called another department and discovered that they are working on it and will hopefully payoff the loan within 2 weeks.   I explained that this is past my September payment date and I will now have two late payments on my record.  

He transferred me to his supervisor who said I should make the payments if my credit score is that important to me.  When asked if I would get a refund when VW actually pays off my loan, he wasn't sure.  

Outcome of all these phone calls?   I told the supervisor that I am officially refusing to make any more payments and that they should repossess my car.   He asked me to fax him a statement saying that I was refusing to make the payments and authorizing him to repossess.  I faxed him a statement with the VW dealership's address as the garaging address.  

I'll fix my credit report later....but really really really want to go hang out across the street from VW for a few days and see if anyone tries to repossess a jetta from the lot....


  1. aren't people insane? When we moved from FL to TN, we have to "short sale" our house. When we got a buyer for the house, the first offer was refused. The same buyer re-submitted a lower offer a month later and it was accepted!?!? Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing...

  2. If you have the courage and the time, you might hang out in front of the lot with a big sign explaining your situation. Flash it at everyone even coming near to turning into the lot. I'm willing to bet they might work quickly to resolve such a situation. Worth a try?

  3. i camped out in a dealership once before to make a point... i have no problem with being extreme to make a poing...

  4. That is brilliant to have them repo the car from the dealership.. Love it!!