and the award for the worst use of a cell phone goes to.....

...the obnoxious man at Ruby Tuesday's (which, by the way, is now on my list of great places to go) who is sooooo important that he must speak loudly on his cell phone throughout dinner.

last night, hubby, daughter and I went to dinner. across from us was the most adorable 3yr old and his dad. Dad was on the phone. Dad was on the phone and angry. Dad was on the phone, angry and becoming increasingly loud.

Daughter was signing at the little boy and laughing when the boy would repeat the signs. So she was signing things like "daddy is funny," "daddy is loud," etc. It kept the child entertained, cuz Dad was too busy being on the phone, angry and loud to pay any attention to the little one.

After about 20 minutes, a waitress asked Dad to speak softer as he was disturbing the other patrons. Dad finished the call and then rudely asked the waitress why she had told him to be quiet. She explained that he had been speaking VERY loudly and just wanted him to bring the volume down.

Throughout the rest of the meal, if the little boy made any sound at all, the Dad would say "shhh! we can't make any noise here." aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!

We just wanted to slap him and throw his cell phone into the vat of italian dressing. but the little boy did learn how to sign "daddy is funny" the night wasn't a total waste. hehehe

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