best use of a cell phone award

last night girl1 was texting a young man. he's a new interest in her life whom we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. boy2 (the 16 year old who has a wacky sense of humor) was trying to watch "prison break." you have to understand that when "Prison Break" is on; we're not allowed to talk, sneeze, fart, turn the pages of our books too loudly, etc. -- he's REALLY into the show.

so, anyways, she was texting and her phone kept beeping when NewMan responded. she refused to put the phone to silent or vibrate and boy2 was getting frustrated. I told him that i could get NewMan's number off the internet and girl1 was like "yea...right. you only know his first name." so i popped over to our cell phone records and pulled up all the current list of texting numbers. by now, girl1 was freaking but boy2 was soooo willing to start texting all the numbers until he reached NewMan.

NewMan made the mistake of responding and now girl1 and boy2 are texting him at the same time. girl1 is pleading with New-Man to stop encouraging boy2 and boy2 was being a total punk-- asking NewMan things like " have the hots for my sis?" and "we're just sitting here discussing your sexiness" -- girl1 was mortified, but NewMan thought it was funny (scoring brownie points with the younger brother is always a good plan)

I couldn't stop laughing.....i wish i had a print-out of all the messages going back and forth between the 3 phones....or a pic of girl1 trying to push boy2's phone under the water in the bathroom sink...... the monthly charge for unlimited texting was well spent last night.

still smiling this morning.......good times....

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