Life's a blur anyway.....let's celebrate it!

This sounds like fun, so i'll see if i can manage to play along. It's open to everyone...just go HERE to find out more.

My "blur" was shot during a production of "CATS" --- I wish i could claim that this is what i was going for, but it really was just a fluke. The two cats in the middle were swinging the middle cat and i was just trying to keep things in focus....HA! you can see how well THAT worked. but the final effect was kind of cool.

[edit] technical stuff from the daughter (girl1) -- With the right equipment this is an easy shot to achieve. You have to be using an SLR, you cannot get this look with a point and shoot camera. You also need to be in low light or be using a neutral density filter. The shutter speed for this was probably around 1/30 or 1/15 with a 18-70mm lens. To get the blur pulling away from the subject, you start zoomed out, and as you press the shutter you simultaneously zoom in. To reverse the blur, you start zoomed in and zoom out.

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  1. How on earth did you get this amazing, tunnel-like blur effect? I think I could try and try for days on end and not end up with anything remotely close to this. I love it!px