autumn...thematic photography

This is my "light" entry for Carmi's theme of Autum. Being uprooted from the midwest to Southern California, this season is hard for me. We don't get a traditional, beautifully colored change. We go from "really hot" to "not so hot." So imagine my delight when it actually hit the 50s this week and RAINED!!! woohoo! We got to wear jackets....really.....with long sleeves and everything....AND it was too cold for flip-flops and it was only November.

to celebrate an almost real season change, i ran off to the store to buy "fall clothes." look at those fantastic colors and textures. soooo much more fun than tank tops and summer colors. makes you just want to go out for an evening stroll with your sweetie and grab a cup of hot chocolate (with extra marshmellows).

i miss the crispness of fall.....the crisp breezes that make your eyes water, the crisp colors that only nature can produce, the crisp sound of leaves under my feet.....

of course, it's 80+ flippin' degrees now and i won't get to wear any of my beautiful fall colors for another couple of weeks (at least) but it makes me happy inside just knowing that they are hanging in my closet and promising me that cooler weather is coming.

a different look at autumn is in the works.....but it's taking me more time than i thought it would....but it's coming....really....someday.....

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  1. I would have a hard time without fall clothes. They are just all around better. Oooo, I really had fun reading your blog just now, especially the 10 parent loves.