would you look at that?!

my visitor map finally started working! i've actually had visitors...hahaha i knew that because the profile views has been going up. Although, according to my map, my blog was officially a "loser" blog...

....No longer! it actually shows pretty little dots that represent folks who lurk but don't leave comments. Bad lurkers! stop and say "hi." interaction makes the blogging world so much more fun, but the lurkers need to do their part. really...i'm serious here.

AND...i've earned a whole penny on AdSense. boy2 gave me a penny when i told him and exclaimed that he had doubled my wealth.....silly boy.

i'm curious - is it just me or do you all (lurkers, this is directed at you) check your stats and get excited to know that people are visiting your sites? Does a comment brighten your day or do feel like people are intruding if they leave a note?


  1. Hi, I came back to your blog today because you are funny. Last night I was going to become a "follower" but I thought I would look like a weirdo because I don't know you from Adam. Today I shall go forth and become a follower. And yes, I eat comments like candy. I feel the opposite, I feel more intrusion from non-commenting lurkers. Sorry, non-commenting lurkers, I don't mean to make you feel bad, it's just the way I feel about it.

  2. I like comments. I don't mind if people read but don't comment... I do like to know, though.
    I think blogging would be pretty lonely if there was no commenting.

  3. Add my little Deep South dot to your map!