Christmas at Disney

yep! today is the start of the Christmas season at Disneyland....woohoo! all the favorites are returning.....the dorky reindeer, Small World is reopening, the incredible fireworks, and "snow" on Main Street.

if you have the chance, it really is quite magical.

there WILL be pictures soon....cuz i'm sure we'll be there several times before it disappears. =D


  1. Um... went to Disney World for Christmas last year? No, the year before. Never. Freakin. Again. Nothing magical about it except how they exchange your money for a ticket that will get you on about 2 rides during the whole day. I hope Disneyland is better. We had a good time there a few years ago...
    Sorry, I shouldn't have gotten all cranky on you.

  2. yea, it can be crazy. we only go until about the 15th of December and then wait until the new year to go again. it gets too crowded during the school breaks.

    we always to Disney world the end of's pretty much empty then.