where's the beef (broth)?

the productivity continues....3 days in a row and massive amounts of things crossed off the "to do eventually" list. strange things afoot...hmmmmm

anyhoos....we have a new grocery store super close to my house, so i decided to check it out today. i like grocery shopping as long as i don't have to rush through it. i like having time to visit with friends that i run into there and to do price comparisons and just browse through the aisles looking for fun stuff to try.

today was Thanksgiving shopping and i REALLY like shopping for the holiday meals. but shopping for a major meal in a brand new store was probably not the most brilliant plan. I did manage to get in most of my 10,000 daily steps cuz i couldn't find ANYTHING. but neither could anyone else and it became sort of a running gag with the shoppers.

We started asking what each other was looking for and if we found it, we'd make a note of it's location for when saw each other again. even the employees were having trouble finding things. the most sought after item today? chicken or beef broth.....

the other thing? and this is strange for our town, it was mostly men shopping today. doing the whole turkey dinner shopping. i can't imagine sending my hubby to do that even with a detailed list. although, it might start some new holiday meal traditions.

my favorite dish on Thanksgiving is brussel sprouts sauteed with bacon. what's yours?


  1. Hands down the pumpkin pie!!! Is there other Thanksgiving food?

    I'm sure Omega would LOVE to give a tour of the slopes... tell kid he has to come up where the big boy snow is... can't be settling for Brian Head.

  2. You love brussel sprouts? I love brussel sprouts! yay.