my big weekend...

the hubby is in Mexico helping fix the roof on a church. the kids are off doing their own thing. so i'm here...alone.....and kind of enjoying it. it helps that there's a container of mini eclairs hidden in the fridge and "wizard of oz" is on. don't get the wrong idea....lazy evenings at home are not always my first choice but sometimes it's the perfect thing.

I've got big plans for tomorrow...really. i'm gonna finish putting my brothers' Christmas presents together (i'd tell you what they are, but i think family members have been visiting my blog) and then I'm seeing "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" at a community theatre. There may be dinner in there somewhere but that hasn't been officially planned yet. (duh) and then dinner with friends.

look at that! a whole weekend of plans and i didn't even mention disneyland...HA! I do other things sometimes - see?

hope your weekend plans are fantastical!

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  1. Hah! I watched a good deal of "Wizard" myself on Saturday.