tis the season...still

after a dismal display of holiday spirit on Black Friday and boy2's utter disgust at the whole holiday stupidity, i didn't expect much help with Christmas decorating. but he got up this morning and asked when we were dragging out the boxes of stuff.

so Phase I of Christmas decorating is complete. it takes a couple of days, because there are power constraints and there's always an attempt at a theme. right now, we have icicle lights and several strings of the old fashioned colored bulbs around windows.

a couple of years ago, he decided that "white trash" decorating was the way to go. our yard was a disaster area and we would just laugh at people stopping to gawk. there were horrible plastic ornaments in the trees....everything was broken or faded....half the lights didn't work.....there were so many of those stupid inflatable things that you couldn't walk across the lawn without tripping over their anchor ropes. all we needed was a toilet and a car on jacks.

last year, he tried to hang an inflatable Santa and sleigh in the tree. it ended up looking like we were hanging the reindeer by the neck, but it made us smile.

i can't wait to see what his plan is this year. I'm sure the neighbors are trembling with anticipation also...

I'll try to remember to take pictures when he finishes his "masterpiece" his year.

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