"Sweet" is in the eye of the beholder

So I'm finally finding time to post my "Sweet" picture for Carmi's weekly photo theme. You should play along, it's mucho funno.

I'm totally going with the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the word "sweet." I tend to over-think the themes and try to be super creative and then get discouraged because my skills don't match my creativity and then I don't post anything. And that takes all the fun out of it. *grin*
This is my totally sweet ride, man.....(you have to say it like you're a teenage boy who just got his license and is checking out his friend's new car). not the best pic, but it's a 2005 legend lime convertible mustang GT -- it's fast and loud and incredibly fun to drive.

This was my Christmas present from my sweet husband in 2005. I had sold my dad's '66 convertible mustang because it needed more love than I could give it and just sat in the garage. I can't do that to a beautiful car. When Ford introduced this body style, I fell in love all over again. (not super pleased witht the reliability of the car, but it's a looker)

I knew exactly which one I wanted, so we searched until we found one and then test drove it. Fell more deeply in love (and yes, you can love a car) but my hubby (not so sweet that night) said it was too expensive. He then arranged (without my knowledge) for the car to be transferred to a dealer where a friend worked and bought it for me. He brought it to the office (a couple days after Christmas) and parked it outside my window. He walked into my office with a huge grin and tossed the keys on my desk. sweeeeeeeeet! I had to sit there for another hour, staring at my beautiful car, waiting for time to clock out. It was torture!

It's been three years and I still find myself walking toward it in parking lots and saying "that's one hot car." I'm such a geek.


  1. 'stang! Man, that was THE car in my neighborhood during the 60's/70's. I'm happy to see the classic body type more-or-less making a comeback in the newer models. Nice!

  2. Oh I definitely think this fits the "sweet" theme because I agree - your car is SWEET! I'm green over here, with envy.

    And the story of your hubby getting for you is even sweeter.