finally friday2....except it's already Saturday

I typically have horribly busy Fridays. i don't know when that started, because Fridays used to be the day when everyone was gone and i had the house to myself and i protected my precious quiet Fridays from all outside intrusion. so yesterday was scheduled to looked like this:

1. get up early (that's before 7am - so you can all know that i'm a lazy bum)

2. shower

3. throw the clothes into the dryer so boy2 can have clean clothes

4. leave the house by 8

5. run to 2 stores to finish up the most horrible part of the Christmas season (the hunt for the perfect gift....ugh)

6. come home and wrap gifts

7. finish my brother's gifts (i've been working on these off and on for almost a year....need to get motivated now)

this is how my day actually went:
1. got up at 7

2. checked out the happenings in blog world

3. Oh CRAP! clothes are still in the washer....moved them to the dryer

4. went to take a shower.....someone is already taking a shower....who's up this morning? one is scheduled for work until 11......hmmmmm

5. visited some more blog friends while waiting for the shower (should have worked on gifts, but eh whatever...)

6. heard shower turn off.......waited 5 minutes for hot water....

7. went to take shower....someone else is already taking a shower....what the crap?!

8. back to blog land......repeated steps 5-7....

9. all 3 kids are up and clean......i can finally take a shower and now it's almost 10 am.

10. the stores were sold out of the items that i saw 2 days ago but couldn't buy because i was with the recipients.

11. drove to mall that is 30 minutes away on a good traffic day (yesterday was not a good traffic day - it took almost an hour)

12. bought gifts and came home

13. wrapped all the Christmas gifts except for the 2 for my brothers cuz i'm still not finished

14. ordered pizza so i could spend dinner prep time working on gifts

15. actually work on the gifts (be proud of me here, pleeeeze?)

16. went to bed

not as much fun as last friday when we ended up playing at Disneyland but it did end up being productive. no more "must find the perfect gift" shopping...i hate that pressure.

off to finish my brother's gifts and bake more cookies. good times..

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