another day, another mall

today boy1 and i went shopping.....just the two of us. i can't remember the last time that happened. he's 22 now and pretty much buys whatever he needs. so he doesn't feel the need to spend hours at a mall with his mom. he's going to be touring again this summer and then moving to an out of state college in September. i guess the knowledge that he won't be living close by for much longer makes me treasure moments together.

i feel blessed that we have a great relationship and it wasn't weird at all for us to be hanging out. he wanted a sports coat and a couple of nice shirts but isn't much of a shopper. he asked me to help him find nice, affordable stuff. (translation: he trusts me to not dress him like a geek -- that's pretty cool)

we really had a nice time....talked about college and his hopes and dreams. no distractions from siblings. just me and him. good times.


  1. Treasure these times. Oh, wait, you do! Good for you (and him.) The coolest thing is, as you said, that he trusts you to not make him look geeky :-)

  2. It must so great to have grown up kids and just hang out with them. I'm looking forward to that - although I love hanging out with them at this age, too, of course.