and am no longer lost.....(do you remember the "I found it!" campaign?)

but, no, I'm not talking about finding Jesus (although I have). I'm talking about my poor GPS. I guess when I got up at 4am last Saturday to take my husband to the airport (LAX - ugh) so he could spend five days in Hawaii with his family, I had a thought that I should take the GPS in case of freeway closures. I honestly don't remember that thought, but the GPS was in hubby1's truck.

Boy2 found it today when he and hubby1 were coming home from a day of snowboarding. Of course he had to call me and let me know how stupid I am. But he did it with "love," so i'm only taking one Christmas gift back. Of course, it will be the X-Box but it's still only ONE gift. lol

in other news -
the Steelers lost, but I'll get over it.

and it's the first day of winter.

and it's suppose to be really cold and wet on Christmas. and as much as I grumped about the snow in LA last week, a white Christmas would be kind of special.

and I only have about 100 more pictures to scan and I have 3 days. i think i'm going to make it. whew!


  1. Wait... he went to Hawaii without you?

  2. Can't loose my GPS, it's built into my dash...

    I never thought I would really need it, just a novelty, really. But it came with the car. Now I can't live w/o it.

    Crazy, uh?

    Tanya sent me.