a pinch of salt.....a dash of pepper

it sure has been quiet in blogland...ya'll must be out having way too much fun. =D

some day this headline will be referring to girl1:

"Police: Man shot over noise during movie
Assailant allegedly told the family to be quiet, then threw popcorn"

- except it will say that a man was stabbed over noise during movie. really, i can see it happening.

Pittsburgh WON!!!! woohoo!!!! not that the game really meant anything but a win is a win.

Christmas was great. Great Christmas Eve with my brothers and their families. Wonderful Christmas day with just the five of us. Nice and relaxing.....just the way holidays are suppose to be. =D

Boy2 got an Xbox and it came with KungFu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones. the boys were playing Indiana Jones last night. i guess they got bored so they got silly. at one point, boy2's character was doing Shamu impersonations over a crocodile. and then if someone found a shovel, they used it to kill the other character. (because they thought it was funny to watch the character's explode) they were laughing so hard, they could hardly control their lego people. good times.

my girlfriends and i are planning a cruise toward the end of January.....can't wait. just waiting for the last minute fare deal and then we're off! woohoo!


  1. the boys will be skiing in Utah so i figured i'd plan a vacation of my own.

  2. Sounds like the perfect Christmas holiday. Cruise sounds fab too. :)