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yeah, right...

just because i feel obligated to do a 2008 recap does not mean that you should feel obligated to read it but there is going to be a really cute picture of Guido at the end so you should take the time to at least scroll down and now i feel like i'm writing sentences like the apostle Paul.

here's the short, sweet version.
2008 - another driver, some more birthdays, lots of disneyland trips, some snowboarding, some skydiving, someone went to Hawaii, new cars, white water rafting, and, of course, musicals

a little more detail:
boy2 got his license and a hot car
girl1 got a full time job and a hot car
boy1 focused on school and got a mini van (but he doesn't have to make monthy offerings to the car god)
hubby1 discovered skydiving and has his "a" license (i think it's "a"...i don't pay attention)
justme got a headache trying to keep track of everyone

still more detail:
all of the above plus a week snowboarding at Brian's Head
hubby1 and justme celebrated 24 years of weddingness with a weekend of white water rafting...they both's to 24 more years!
hubby1 went to Hawaii with his sisters and dad. it was good for them.
boy1 was in some musicals.
justme judged some musicals.
justme and girl1 took pictures of musicals.
justme sold tickets to musicals so she can afford to go see musicals.
justme, boy1 and girl1 saw some musicals.

and for the first time since 2005, no one was on tour or an extended missions trip so there was no major fundraising in 2008.
that's pretty much it..
we did make note that it's been 10 years since hubby1's car accident and 15 years since the doesn't seem possible

and my last holiday picture:

Have a great New Year's Eve!

However you choose to celebrate tonight, please be safe!


  1. If only all christmas letters could be like this one!

  2. i think it should be set to music...but i'm not talented like that. =D

  3. You should make this a rap. here's the beat: boom shooka, shook sha, boom shooka, shook sha.
    I should probably say that I actually really love wii fit, but it's seriously kicking my butt!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds like 2008 was a lot of fun at your place!

    Have a great 2009, too!