maybe i'm not normal

hubby1 is leaving tomorrow morning for a week-long missions trip. on sunday, they had a meeting that the wives were supposed to go to but i couldn't make it (cuz i was seeing "Wicked"). anyways, he came home with a list of phone numbers of the other wives so i could call them if i freaked out while he was gone. "because it's your first time on the trip and a week is a long time and it's really hard on the wife." "my husband's gone many times, have her call me if she needs, go to a movie, etc"

i thought it was sweet but also rather funny. maybe i'm not normal, but when my hubby goes away for a week, i don't sit at home and focus on missing him. i make plans with my girlfriends and have some fun without worrying about dinner being ready when he gets home. things are a little more relaxed because i'm on my own time schedule and it's a nice change of pace.

i hope they aren't offended but i probably won't be calling..i'll be at a show or the movies or dinner or disneyland or the beach or.....or......or.......


  1. A week.. That's a vacation! I mean a month or so MAYBE, but my hubby worked out of town for three months and yes I missed him, but I had two toddlers, which mean NO time to pine for him.

    I suppose I'm not normal either

  2. I like your approach - and have long wondered about people who insist that others follow precisely the same playbook that they do.

    To each his/her own, I've always said. Being apart for a few days offers up the chance to change the old routine. And if that doesn't involve being connected with the other wives at the hip, then so be it. However you spend the time, looks like you've already got the right strategy.

  3. From the other sexual side of the fence, I'm the same way. When MY WIFE goes to visit her brother in Nedw York, for instance, I look upon it as a chance for both of us to enjoy a couple of days in a way we normally wouldn't. I think if you love someone, it makes for a nice and refreshing change of pace. Of course, if it was a month, or if she did it more often than once or twice a year...

  4. Did you know you typed "hubby1" in the first sentence? I read that and burst out laughing, wondering if there was a hubby2 ;) It reminded me of the time (long before we split) I introduced my husband as "my first husband." I thought I was being funny... little did I know... ;)

    I'm guessing yours was a typo (which I very rudely pointed out)... OR... you call him that for fun, like I used to (be careful, though... it can come back to bite you in the ass ;)

  5. Good for you for knowing how to be on your own for a bit! How was Wicked? Is that based on that book?

  6. Are they kidding? Husband out of town = mini-vacation for me!
    You are totally normal.
    Like me.
    Well, maybe that was the wrong thing to say.
    Anyway, have FUN!

  7. Hear Hear! Couldn't agree more. I also look forward to these 'days off' and sometimes even an afternoon! Thankful for small mercies. ( Love him tho)