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In a very neglected corner of our yard, we planted some iris - nine years ago. Just to have some color there, while we decided what to do with that area. Other areas have demanded our attention over the years. There is now a pool, gardens, a patio cover, yards of concrete, etc....

But in the neglected corner, I found a treasure yesterday. One lovely iris plant, still trumpeting the coming of spring.

One lovely flower brightening up an otherwise very dreary corner of the world.

Reminding me that it's a new year with new opportunities to make things a little bit more beautiful.


  1. I love this! I need to make things a bit more beautiful... what nice inspiration... thank you!

  2. The color of purple on that lone plant is amazing. Cool find.

  3. Life has a remarkable way of making itself heard and seen when and where we least expect it. I love the pluck of this particular flower. Years later, it just keeps coming back for more.