still here.....just not "here"

so, what did i bring back from vacation? a very "lovely" virus that knocked me flat on my butt for most of the week. Other than an ill-advised visit (a very short visit) to Disneyland on Thursday to collect my free $69 gift card (birthday promotion at Disneyland), i haven't left the house all week.

I did make it to church this morning, but only one service and i'm exhausted and back lounging on the couch, trying to not cough up any more pieces of lung. amazingly, and thankfully, my family has managed to stay healthy.

so here's the quick run down of my wonderful cruise with the girlfriends. we got on the ship on thursday, slept, ate, tanned, watched some movies, watched some live shows, and watched an INCREDIBLE Super Bowl with about a thousand of our closest friends. I'm a loyal Steeler's fan so you can imagine the crap I was taking when Arizona scored late in the 4th and you can also imagine what was handed back on a platter when the Steeler's pulled it off. good times.....
We also had an incredible experience watching whales and was offered the "good stuff" in Cabo and then we came home Monday morning. I'm glad we chose the 4 day cruise - I think 3 would have been too short.
here's a pic of my girlfriends after the cruise:

and us enjoying starbucks in Cabo:

and a couple more shots of the whales:

back tomorrow with another edition of monday movie quotes. we'll see if the blogger world can beat the facebook crowd this week.


  1. Nice whale tale. Your pretty close. Glad everyone had fun but sorry for the ills when you got home.

  2. Man, I'm SO jealous. Well, not about the virus thingy, but about the rest... totally jealous!! Glad you had fun!

  3. Oh, and I hope you're up and at 'em fast!!

  4. I feel like I can reach out and touch the whale's tale. Utterly remarkable! So glad you had such a wonderful time. I definitely need to get my tail onto a boat one of these days!

  5. Sorry you've been so sick! But the cruise looks and sounds awesome! I'm officially jealous, now.. well, not of the sickness. I'll gladly pass on that one. Glad you're starting to feel better. Keep resting.. doing too much too soon makes you relapse!!

  6. I will have to agree that you were very close to the whale. You gave us a nice closeup.

    The closest I have come to anything in the water was a school of small fish when I was snorkling in Cancun. They were no whales but I still
    enjoyed it.