all can you eat (tolerate) buffet of my mind

i'm scattered today....more than normal. so here's a taste of my thoughts in no particular order...

last night, boy2 and I were watching the news. it was the 30 minute edition, so we thought we'd be able to catch the major headlines and weather. basically it was was 28 minutes of homicide reports (all occurring within 75 miles of our town) and 2 minutes of weather. i guess cutting out the fluff reports really made the icky stuff more poignant.

i follow trafficLA on twitter. at least once a day (and more on many days) there is a tweet that says "attempt suicide - jumping from bridge"... i had no idea that this was so prevalent. hurts my heart.

boy2 is snowboarding today....his plan is to learn how to do a backflip. i'm not thrilled with this plan and don't really want to hear about his attempts.

i discovered tweetdeck last week. yet another thing that devours too many minutes of my day. it is very fun though and i like the random interaction between all the twitterites.

speaking of any of you tweet? what got you started? i started so i could connect with my niece....cuz she cracks me up and i don't get to visit with her enough.

do you ever have days when you just can't seem to spell anything correctly? i'm going to burn up my spellcheck button today. there is a definite disconnect between my brain and fingers this morning.

my husband and i will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in May. he wants me to plan the weekend. I have a $1000 budget. any fun ideas? nothing too sappy....we're just not the sappy type...we have 3 or 4 days. come on my travel agents today...

seeing "Rain" tonight in's the Beatles experience. should be some awesome music and i get to hang out with boy1 and girl1. always fun.


  1. I have not attempted to twitter yet! I don't even text! lol!

  2. I was pressured into joining Twitter by another blog friend. I was on it for like 2 days, and haven't been back since. It's too much!

  3. I've noticed an abundance of murder on the news lately, too... more than normal, it seems. Very disturbing.

    I don't twitter... I don't get it, really. And I don't want to be THAT connected, I think. I already struggle to do the stuff I'm supposed to be doing!

    Congrats on the upcoming anniversary!

  4. How about travelling here to So. Illinois- I'll show you two a great time!

    Lots of beautiful vineyards, lakes, forests, state parks, etc. Golfing, hiking, camping.

    We also have the beautiful Shryock auditorim (google it) at SIU that hosts wonderful theatre productions.

  5. Find the most romantic hotel room available. Jacuzzi would help. Wear sexy stuff. Go to great restaurants and enjoy the sensuousness of food. Revel in each other's company. Get massages. See a great show or play or concert. Love much, laugh often.

  6. A cruise is always a nice idea. I'm not as poetic as Suldog is.

  7. jill, where did you disappear to?