for lack of anything earth-shattering.....

girl1 and newguy went to a hockey game sunday....ducks/avalanche. newguy is a huge hockey fan and insisted that they get great seats for her first game. they had a good time even though his team lost.

this morning, we open up the paper and voila! look who's sitting on the glass!
i told her it's a good thing they weren't drinking.....i have eyes


  1. She's going 'whew' right about now ;)

  2. I'll bet she's glad she wasn't picking her nose. That would be my luck.

  3. Newguy wore the sweater. He must be a big fan! Not bad.

  4. her boss told her that she should be thankful that she didn't call out sick to go to the game...

    just a little reminder to live life honestly so you don't have to worry about getting caught....