define "careful"

i have a child (actually, I have 3 but we're going to focus on the youngest today). he is ALL boy and very much into extreme sports. ugh. currently, his love is snowboarding. almost daily. in Southern California. he goes boarding and i get sunburned at the disneyland....on the same day. don't hate -- we have earthquakes and freeways too -- it evens out.

He's the one in the middle - with the murse (man-purse)--don't ask.

anyways....he loves snowboarding and has met some really great folks on the mountain. he told me that his helmet was too small this year and he would get a new one as soon as he had the money. i, being the Pollyanna that I am, actually believed him when he said that he would be careful until the new helmet was purchased.

and, then some pictures appeared on the resort forum. pictures of my kid. being "careful."

i ask you now -- is this being "careful?"

this one doesn't actually bother's just a rail.

not sure how i feel about the whole fly into the wall thing.....

and, while I absolutely love the composition of this picture,

I'm not exactly thrilled that my kid is flying through the air without the promised helmet.

and, today he announced that he really needs to buy a helmet because he's ready to try some new stuff, and he's pretty sure that he should be wearing a helmet.

oh, Lord, I don't even want to see those pictures.


  1. He is super cool! Imagine snowboarding in a Snuggie!!

  2. You better get him a new helmet just so you can sleep at night,

  3. Do we ever ever get a break from the worrying?

  4. Those are fantastic photos! My nephew is a snowboarder too and I worry about him all the time! Love the murse!

  5. Awesome pictures. You know just what to say to make me miss So-Cal.
    Speaking of earthquakes, my son came home one day talking about tornado drills and I told him I grew up with earthquake drills. He thought that was sooo cool.