first look at spring

company is coming and i really need to straighten up the house, so here's a quick look at what's happening in the flowerbeds around our place.

kangaroo paws
(look at the beautiful California dirt in the back..that's after adding compost)

joey paws

(another shot of our desert dirt in the's amazing we can grow anything here)

the color theme this year is purple and chartreuse

(the chartreuse hasn't appeared yet)

the infamous yellow petunias from last year's garden.

they've been moved to a different bed this year because they don't fit into the new color scheme, but i just can't throw away a plant that's still blooming.

happy tuesday!


  1. So pretty! How is Snuggie-free life treating you?

  2. Jealous is what I am. Jealous! I want to see flowers and blooms and petals and leaves and birds and all I see is cold and drear. I'm sick of winter and wintry things. Where's my Spring, Damn It?

  3. I love Spring- Love the pics. I still marvel at your yellow tulip photo!

    Makes my day everytime I see it.

  4. I wish we have so color coming it still is pretty cold here.

  5. I am enjoying the pictures. I miss California blooms.
    Check out my blog. There is an award there for you.

  6. Nice pictures of spring!! And thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!

  7. I am really itching to plant some flowers! I love the colors of spring too!