how did my weekend go?

it was so swell that even Monday is a welcome relief.....

not going to bore you with all the lovely details. let's just say that trust has been broken and i'll be seeing alot more of one of the offspring for awhile. gee whiz, how i love parenting!

and, before you jump to horrible conclusions about what said child might have done, let me reassure you that it's not newsworthy but we take truthfulness very seriously around here. Our parenting philosophy has always been "complete trust until you blow it" and then...........

and, as if that wasn't icky enough, we spent yesterday at ikea and home depot. i've never been to ikea before and probably won't go again. WAY too big and WAY too crowded for me. and home depot is just icky. but we're redoing the master suite (hahahaha...suite.....hahahaha) and needed to find a linen cabinet, tile, and paint. my hubby's idea of paint is "this white or this white?" i'm trying to introduce him to the idea of color but he is resisting. (it's going to be a light, sagey green with a beautiful dark accent wall but he doesn't know it yet....heeheehee)

and the "winter storm" was pretty much a no-show, so all the work i did to protect the garden was a waste of time.

and....and.....and..... pretty much the whole weekend but--enough grumping it's out of my system....and monday is greeting me with blue sky and sunshine, so i'm going to turn my frown upside down and enjoy the day.

hope your weekend was more enjoyable and your monday is full of sunshine!


  1. Never been to IKEA before?!?!? Girl, I dragged my husband through many different Ikeas, in many different States, until we got one right in our backyard. And now, I haven't been in like 7 months!

  2. Ikea is my mothership, however I am scandinavian. It's nicer on the weekdays.

  3. Every time we go to IKEA it ends up taking the entire day! My husband hates the whole trapped in a maze feeling he gets there! lol!

  4. i can relate. i felt very anxious about half way through our adventure. it wasn't a pleasant shopping experience at all.

  5. Oh boy. Parenting there anything quite like it? Hugs