hey! i know all the words, too

OMG! one of the best freakin' shows I have seen ever! Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal were FANTASTIC and, while the rest of the cast was weak in the dance department, the voices more than made up for it. Such a wonderful night at the theatre!

I love love love love love love musical theatre -- except for one, okay...maybe two things.

first: It should be legal to punch people who sing along in the mouth. seriously, do you think that ANYONE wants to hear YOU? No one is impressed that you know the words -- we ALL know the words. Do you think that the person in the suit next to you is an agent/producer who is going to whisk you away to stardom? Really? here's a hint: JUST SHUT UP!!!!!

second(ly?): Why are there concession stands at live theatre? I do not want to listen to candy being unwrapped during the show - the occasional cough drop is okay but digging in the bag to find the yellow candy is NOT okay. Sell water, coffee, drinks, and those humongous cookies ...but not twizzles, sour straws, skittles, m&m's or anything else that will be taken back into the show. At least there wasn't popcorn.

All in all, a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday. I'm not even too disappointed that I missed American Idol.

thanks to all who voted for Guido! he's holding his own in the cutest puppy world. here are the links, in case you have a couple of seconds to vote again. and, if you are feeling particularly generous, feel free to pass the links along to your friends. there's a $300 prize available in one of the contests and that'll get us to our next show. =D

You can vote once a day at: http://www.anamigo.com/photos/26269 and cast a one-time vote at: http://www.cutestpetcontest.com/view100349488.htm


  1. Hey, I sing along! haha!

    I know I should be shot for it, but it's a hard habit to break. I do it in movies too...

    also in ref to this: "no...i don't think she's returning to school, except to fight off the evil coming forth from the hell mouth...because she has to protect her baby who is destined to become the Miss Universe who actually makes world peace happen."

    Please tell me that her baby is Bono's love child. If that's that case sign me up for the audition! haha!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and I agree about the "sing-a-longers". I hate that.

    I LOVE your yellow tulips!

    Hurry spring!

  3. the tulips were at Disneyland...on Friday. i sometimes LOVE living in Southern California. They made me smile.

  4. LOL! This happened to us at Phantom of the Opera. We had a singer next to us! UGH!

    Funny post!

  5. Just cast a vote! Good luck!

  6. I can't sing along cuz I don't know any of the words.
    $300 a show??? Yikes!

  7. Wait, someone was singing along?!?!? I've been to a lot of musicals in my day, and never saw that. Awesome.

  8. @Jane: there are 3 theatre geeks in my family. by the time we do dinner/drive to LA/purchase tickets - it's about $100 a person.

  9. You took the photo of the tulips?

    Now I'm really jealous!

  10. Sounds like a great evening! And good luck to little Guido.