like a kid at Christmas

I'm seeing RENT tonight (in 10 1/2 hours) WITH Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!!!! I bought the tickets last May and it has been a loooonnnnggggg wait for this show! Adam Pascal!!!! aaaaahhhhhh!!!!
in other news (like anything else matters today): Guido is in 2 (yes, two) cute puppy contests. You can help by voting once a day at: and a one-time vote at:
a huge thanks to those who took the time to vote for him're the bestest!!!!!


  1. Lemme guess, the preggers wiccan is also trying to go back to school durring all this? I may just have to audition for a part that made for me. Haha!

  2. You will love it. I just got tickets to see Phantom in April.