it's okay, Jane.....i survived....

disneyland was great! it's been busy there all week, but yesterday was fairly empty. we ended up meeting up with 3 other families that all really enjoy each other, so that made it even more special. here's a quick recap:

my niece and girl1 wanted to see Pixie Hollow so we waited 45 minutes to get their pics taken with "Pixie with a 'tude" and "tinkerbell." "Tude" actually refused to take a picture with the little girl in front of us, which is unusual for characters. but the mom had woke the little girl up a couple of seconds before and the little girl was throwing a full-on fit -- drooling and screaming and kicking and pretty much out of control. "tude" walked away and said "she obviously doesn't want to take a picture with me and i agree"

She was happy to let us take pictures of her. She was still really upset about the mom waking up the little girl and kept going on and on and on about the stupid parents in the park. We thought she was hysterical.

Tinkerbell, on the other hand, looked a little spaced out:
Girl1 thought maybe she (tink) had been partaking of some of the happy mushrooms that are growing around Pixie Holllow:

We rode space mountain and made stupid faces at the camera:

it's also "cheerleader week" at Dland. In the space mountain line, a group was sitting in a circle, braiding each other's hair. One of my crazy friends ran over and "duck, duck, goosed" them to see if they would play along. They wouldn't.....they're too cool for that. But we thought it was funny.

And on the way out, my niece and I stopped to get a picture at the "What will you celebrate?" picture spot, and Mickey ran over and joined us (just one else....cuz we're special like that) and then he gave us kisses and ran away. (sorry about the quality, but i stole it from a website cuz i don't really want to pay $14.95 for two 4x6 prints)

good times........


  1. Looks like a fun Disney day.
    I love the story of the wisemen. What a great tradition with the kids placing them.
    I love that the set survived the fire. That alone makes it beautiful.

  2. "Cheerleader Week at Disneyland"?!? Isn't that one of Dante's levels of Hell?

    Glad you had a good time, though!

  3. I love photos! I'm so nosy that way, but it helps identify. looks like fun was had by all.

  4. Looks like a great trip! (Love the little gangsta to the far left in picture 1!)

  5. Oh, fun!! My parents just got back from Disney World last week. I was so jealous!! Love the photos!!

  6. I want to go to Pixie Hollow and see the whacked out stoned fairies!

    We really need to get over there!

  7. Shoot, I missed this when you posted it!
    My cheerleader had an EXcellent time!