self portrait saturday - Guido and me

My friend Quasimodo hosts Self Portrait Saturday over at Collective Thoughts. Jump on over there and join in the fun!

my first entry is simply my profile pic:

That's've met him before. That's makeup and up past my bedtime. That's me trying to type on the laptop while sitting on the couch. That's Guido climbing up on the back of the couch and demanding some play time. Guido knows how to get his point across. I need to stop sitting on the couch when I'm visiting blogland.


  1. YOu are both completely adorable.

  2. Very cute. my pups push the top down so I'll get off the lapop.t

  3. I just love this pic of you and Guido--he looks like such a sweetie pie!

    Thanks for participating--don't forget to take another for THIS Saturday! May I your new awesome bedroom? :D