swine flu overload

here are the tweets i made while viewing this morning's local news. there was seriously a report about a couple of toddlers getting into the neighbor's house and being destructive; a report about some cars at a museum; a report about free dance lessons on monday nights; and the rest of the "news"cast was about the swine flu....but there's no reason to panic. all the reports basically said the same thing - wash your hands and stay home if you are ill.

1. love how the news can spend an entire hour talking about the swine flu-even though "there's no reason to panic"....it's almost like "storm watch"

2. this swine flu "concern" is going to be horrible for the pork industry.....cuz people are stupid.....

3. HEY! the news has interrupted their coverage of the swine flu "concern" to do a traffic report....WOW!

4. and weather too!

5. wait for it......i'm sure they'll realize their error shortly and get back to the swine flu

6. HEY! schools are asking everyone to keep their ill children home. what a thought!... sick guy who sat behind me @ church - R U listening?!

7. i'm doing my part to make everyone know that they should just be concerned but not panic about the swine flu....cuz i'm nice like that..

8. okay....changing the channel...cuz if they do one more story on the swine flu, i might have to go down there and cough on them...


  1. Can you catch swine flu by playing football(you know, PIG SKIN?) my son is a football player- should I have him tested?

    Please watch even more of the news and let me know.

    I think we should ban all pork sales & footballs
    until we know we are safe. Are you with me?

  2. Just for that, I'm going to put on an Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt and eat a pork and bacon sandwich at a football game while reciting "This Little Piggie" in Pig Latin.

    Yes, I like to tempt fate.

  3. I think I might actually have the swine flu.

  4. Now everyone will whine about the swine. ugh

  5. Another thing to block out in the daily news overload. Ug.

  6. ROFL--man I don't even HAVE to watch the news about this! I just watch you on Twitter! Thanks for being my "swine flu news correspondent"! :D