finally friday9 - the one where we get a good night's rest

wow...i haven't done a finally friday in what seems like forever. so here is a "wrap it up and throw it out so i can enjoy the weekend" post.

i haven't finished invoicing this week so i have to do them today. once they are in the mail, i'm pretty much done with the week's list of stuff.

still waiting for switch plates for the lovely bedroom.

there's a couple of spots of paint that need to be touched up in the bathroom....don't know how i missed them.

but that's it!

jim is flying out this afternoon to visit his dad for the weekend. boy1 is in a show so he's gone. girl1 is working way too many hours and boy2 is going to the river with friends. so the weekend is MINE, all do whatever I want-whenever I want. these weekends are good for my soul. it is quite possible that you will not see me at all until monday......or that i'll sit on the couch with chocolate and great coffee and visit a million blogs....who knows?! lol

done with the H1N1 flu ...... 257 confirmed cases world-wide.....seriously?.... a little perspective here would be appreciated

may day marches......fighting for immigrants' rights.... don't get me started.....they want legal status for illegal immigrants. i like how folks feel that they can choose which laws to obey. aaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh..

okay....too nice of a day to get on my soapbox...

boy2 is really struggling with graduating from high school--not with grades but with the idea of "growing up." he won't be 18 until november, so he is young and he doesn't feel ready for college. so being the cool parents that we are, we told him to take a year off and start college later. you should have seen the weight of the world lift off his shoulders. poor kid.

still haven't found the flooring for the entryway.....should it be this difficult? my tile guy is soooo frustrated. he's now bringing samples to the house. there were 3 more on the doorstep when we got home last night. =D

and, let me tell you, a new mattress is a WONDERFUL thing. waking up without a backache is magical.

and that's it....nothing else even remotely interesting floating around in my brain. so i'm outa here!

have a fantastical weekend!


  1. Hey--my boy will be 18 in November too! But I think he wants to get school outta the way so community college here he comes!

    I'm with you on the immigration thing...k, yeah--let's follow the rules here people! :)

    Have an excellent excellent weekend!

  2. Now THAT sounds like my kind of weekend.
    I think.
    I can't even remember what year/decade/century I last had a weekend to myself.
    Now I'm depressed.... but you go ahead and have a fantastic time.
    .... don't mind me.

  3. I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend!

  4. its a scary world these days. i don't blame the kids for not wanting to grow up.