guess where we went?

yep....disneyland....again. girl1's pass was expiring and prices are going up in august, so we decided to drive down after work and renew it. we figured we'd get there around 7:30 and just catch the fireworks, have dinner and come home.

on the way to pick up girl1, this little bmw decided that she needed to be the front car in the canyon. so she was whipping passed everyone on the double yellows. we were all speeding, so i don't know what the big deal was. when she passed me, she cut in really close (which ticks me off....go ahead and pass me but don't make me hit my brakes when you cut back in).

but Karma loved me yesterday and here is little beemer girl sitting in front of me waiting for the train. =D
for my SoCal friends: we usually take the 60W to the 57S so we have carpool lanes but yesterday i just went down the 91W. Which means we missed the horrible accident on the 57S that closed the freeway from 7pm on thursday until 7ish am friday.

girl1 had a crappy day at work, so i wasn't sure how much fun we were going to have. she has always loved balloons so i bought her one. she tweeted about her fantastic balloon all night. (her twitter is @zatetic1...she's hilarious....follow her) the balloon lights up and changes colors...pretty neat.
and at dinner, we got a tweet from one of the local newscasters asking for awesome wave pics. we assumed he meant of the huge waves expected at the south facing beaches this weekend, but we sent him this instead.

the 65 mile drive home took almost 2 1/2 hours because of the accident on the 57 freeway and then construction on the 60. so our quick trip lasted until 2am. up at 6 this morning but it was worth it. disneyland with the girl is always worth it.....


  1. Awww, what a great time you must have had. I love how your family is so close, Jill, it's a true testimony that family CAN be our best friends! I love that!

    We are going to brave those huge waves today. I'd take a pic, but yours is too awesome, and is definitely worthy of the title "awesome", LOL.

    Have an excellent day and get some rest!

  2. She had to wait just like everyone else, huh?


  3. I'd love to go back because I'm sure lots has changed since I last went.

  4. Love the "wave" picture! lol!

    I would love to hit Disneyland this fall...I hear they have an awesome Halloween bash!

  5. Your balloon gift was awesome. It's obvious it made her day. How can anyone be sad at "The Happiest Place on Earth".

    Glad you had a great time, even though you got home a little late.