too helpful

i have a garden. every year, i turn the soil, add more "good" dirt, plan a theme, check the drip system, etc etc etc. i like playing in the dirt. it's my time. it's relaxing and rewarding.

last week, hubby1 was home when i was weeding and he felt sorry for me. so he threw some new fangled weed killer on the flowerbeds.

it killed everything in the garden except the crabgrass that sneaks in under the fence from the neighbors neglected flowerbeds. it even killed the zucchini plants that were doing awesome this year. it killed them quickly.....within 12 hours.....

i'd post pictures, but it just makes me too sad. all my pretty little flowers.....all my gorgeous honeysuckle....brown and crunchy.

he felt so bad that he spent yesterday removing the dead stuff and replanting the beds.....on a pleasant 102 degree summer day.

so today my flowerbeds are colorful again and there are even baby zucchini plants. and everything was half price cuz the garden center thinks that the growing season is over. helloooo? southern california? 90+ until november?


  1. Oh, Jill, I am so sorry! I'm glad they are perking up!

  2. Aww bummer! I'm sorry that happened, it almost feels like your right arm was cut off, doesn't it? I lost 24 tomato plants last year to various things like hail, gophers, etc. It felt awful.

    Praise the Lord for such a sweet husband to replace everything tho! And for GREAT prices in SoCal!

  3. At least you have time for a regrow. my husband weed whacks everything. our season is almost over.

  4. That's pretty funny, if also tragic. And you've got a wonderful hubby, as you know.

  5. Awww! How sweet that your hubby did a re-plant! We can't grow anything decent in AZ until winter!