in search of a healthier me -- part 2

way back on june 16th, a girlfriend and i started a 30 day fitness challenge. we chose to do the EA Active. She's more daring than me and did the medium intensity. I, well aware of my pathetic physical condition, chose the easiest level.
I am proud to announce that we both stuck with it and finished our 30 days today.

Here's a brief recap of this adventure.

the program is 2 days of exercise, followed by 1 day of rest. for whatever reason, this made it sooo much easier for me.

day 1 and 2 pretty much killed both of us. neither of us felt like we were working hard during the workout, but our thighs were beyond sore the first two days. we were so thankful when day 3 arrived and we didn't have to do another lunge or squat.

by day 4, we could walk again and were willing to see what kind of torture was in store for us. it was an upper body workout that actually felt fantastic.

by the end of 2 weeks, we were both seeing weight and inches disappear.

when the reps increased, we tackled them with no problem and celebrated that we were noticeably stronger.

final results for me are 3 inches from my waist.....4 inches gone from my hips....2 from each thigh...and a weight loss of 12 pounds.

I seriously feel wonderful about sticking with it. I have more energy and just feel better about myself overall. happy days!!!

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